...Connecting Ancient Texts to Today


In the Lutheran tradition, sermons are a key part of weekly worship. Sermons take a serious look at the ancient texts of the Bible, connecting those lessons given to God's people throughout history with today's world.


At Lord of Life, sermons sound a lot different than in many other congregations:
  • You won't hear canned clichés
  • You won't have to endure cheesy jokes
  • You won't be subjected to messages that are only meaningful to your parents' generation (or your childrens')
Our senior pastor has a Ph.D. in public communications. It means that sermons at Lord of Life very often present issues of faith and daily life in innovative ways. It will make you think about your faith, discipleship, and your place in community.


So what do sermons sound like at Lord of Life? Generally, sermons are 12-18 minutes long. They are always based on one of the lectionary readings for the week (usually the gospel text). Black-and-white fundamentalist thinking is very much discouraged; instead, sermons encourage people to wrestle with God's discipleship call in their lives all week long.

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