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...It's for Grown-Ups Too

So Why Come to Church?
...It's NOT some cosmic attendance sheet
...It's NOT a country club

We love kids, but does it sometimes seem like church is just about the kids? What about the adults? You want fellowship, a place to grow in faith, and a mission of service in the world too. Whether you're a single twenty-something, a couple with a growing family, or an empty-nester, you'll meet others like yourself at Lord of Life.

That deep-down, "Oh, this is what was missing!"

  • A meaningful worship experience in community that helps you grow closer to God
  • An approach to faith that's more complex than simple black-and-white rules
  • A desire to grow in discipleship together, knowing that no one has all the answers, but everyone has wisdom
  • A commitment to serving the world around us, not for the sake of "winning believers" (faith comes from God, not by any choice we make) but because Jesus told us to serve with love

Serving Our Neighbors

In 2007 Lord of Life began a new tradition of service to the Columbus community with an emphasis on compassion. We are all given different gifts. Our original Compassion Weekend was about recognizing the gifts that Lord of Life, as a suburban congregation, could offer to the other neighborhoods and communities of Central Ohio.
We learned so much about the gifts of perspective and love that were given by the people we served.
Those lessons have become part of our congregation's culture. Today, we keep learning new lessons about discipleship and service through an ongoing mission initiative called Continuing Compassion. There's always something interesting going on, so if you want to learn more, stop by for worship on Sundays or get in contact with our Mission Team Leaders.

Discipleship Small Groups

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