Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual GiftsEvery Christian is given two very special gifts: The gift of faith in Christ is the work of the Holy Spirit in all believers. The gift of one or more special abilities comes to every Christian at baptism to be used in everyday life. These abilities are called SPIRITUAL GIFTS.

We think and believe that every person has many spiritual gifts, but not everyone has the same spiritual gifts. That's wonderful! It shows that God speaks to each of us in different ways and tugs at our hearts differently.

Discerning spiritual gifts is something we put a lot of emphasis on at Lord of Life. Knowing how God has gifted you will help you understand what you are called to do, both in terms of short-term projects and as a life vocation.

Whenever we ask for volunteers at Lord of Life, we start by asking who has the spiritual gifts that match the project at hand. Every ministry of this congregation has indicated which spiritual gifts are most needed. This also means those with those gifts would find that particular ministry most rewarding. Matching gifts to ministry opportunities... it's a win-win for Jesus' kingdom and Jesus' disciples.

"EveryOne" Uniquely Gifted to Serve

Spiritual Gifts

At Lord of Life, when we talk about stewardship, we truly mean "time, talent, and treasure" -- not just "treasure." Part of our annual stewardship drive in 2009 was a special emphasis on spiritual gifts. This included a month-long sermon series about how "EveryOne" is uniquely gifted to serve the body of Christ. The decoration of the sanctuary used spiritual gifts cards hanging overhead to connect the altar with the baptismal font as a way of reminding us of the pivotal place that the sacraments hold in the life of our community. Learn more about worship at Lord of Life

Spiritual GiftsDuring the final Sunday of the "EveryOne" series, the congregation was invited to take their top two spiritual gifts -- that they discovered using the Spiritual Gifts Inventory -- and place cards in on the altar as offerings. There were many smiles and hugs as we celebrated the blessings God has bestowed on us, and as rededicated ourselves to the stewardship of our spiritual gifts.

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