Child Care

Ministry Title: Child Care
Ministry Leaders: Meredith Berndt
Lindsey Forbes
Ministry Purpose:

In order to reach people with the love of Jesus Christ, the Child Care Ministry provides children and their families with safe, nurturing and grace centered care.

1. Provides child care in the nursery, during both the 9:00 and 11:15 Sunday morning worship services, as well as during the 10:15 education hour

Number of people needed: 2 each 9:00 & 11:15/1 at 10:15
Now have:  20
Now needed:  5 +
This ministry relates to: Connect Team
This ministry meets: As needed
Training provided: Training provided by ministry leaders.  Refresher information provided by Child Care Coordinator.
Time Commitment: 1 hour and 15 minutes as scheduled.  Current commitment is approximately one  Sunday every 5 to 6 weeks for the worship services.
Spiritual gifts that are useful, but not limited to: encouraging, giving, service, understanding

About Ministries at Lord of Life What Motivates Us And How You Can Be Involved

Responsibilities of a Leader of a Ministry of Lord of Life Church

  1. Serve consistent with the Mission, Vision and Values of the Congregation.
  2. Serve within the framework of one of the seven Teams of the congregation; in coordination with the Team Leader(s) and meeting with other Ministry Leaders within the team.
  3. Not raise funds within the congregation or community, other than the existing funds of the congregation, without the prior approval of the Congregation Council.  Your Team Leader can help you with the annual budgeting process or with how to request approval from the council to raise funds.

Privileges of Ministries of Lord of Life Church

  1. You may use all the facilities and resources of the congregation (see Facilities Use Guide).
  2. You may publicize in the bulletin and newsletter of the congregation (see Facilities Use Guide).
  3. You may submit an annual budget request, through your Team, to the council.
  4. You may represent your ministry as one of Lord of Life Church in the community.
  5. As Leader or co-Leader, you may participate in all leadership training and support events in and through Lord of Life Church.
  6. Utilize the congregation’s spiritual gifts data banks for recruiting and developing partners in your ministry.

How to "Conclude" a Ministry of Lord of Life Church

  1. Pray ... listening for God's leading, and discerning God's gifts for ministry in your life.
  2. Talk personally with your Team Leader before reaching a conclusion, sharing some of what is leading you into this time of discernment.  Be as honest, open and vulnerable with God, and your Team Leader, as you can.
  3. It may be helpful to discuss it with others to assist in discernment, particularly the current participants.
  4. Determine whether you feel the ministry is either (a) no longer valid, or (b)  you no longer feel called to lead that ministry.
  5. Once you’ve reached a decision, meet again with your Team Leader to share your conclusion.
If you deem the ministry is no longer valid (i.e. meeting a need, helping reach others with the love of Christ, or equipping disciples), notify the Team Leader.  The Leader will notify the church office and Team Staff to remove it from the congregation's roster of ministries.

If you discern the ministry is valid and you believe it should continue with different leadership, you are encouraged to seek a new Leader, or two.  Once accomplished, the new Leader will need to complete a "Ministry Description."

As you step down from ministry leadership, you are encouraged to do the following:
  • Thank those who have served with you in this ministry, either privately,  publicly, or both.
  • Share a brief written summary of your experience in this ministry and as a leader, including joys/success, struggles/shortcomings, and insights that might help others in the future.

How to Become a Ministry of Lord of Life Church

file pdf How to Become a Ministry of Lord of Life Church

  1. Pray ... listening for God's leading and discerning God's gifts for ministry. Discuss it with others to assist in discernment. If you know the area of ministry you may wish to speak with that Team Leader.
  2. Locate a "Ministry of Lord of Life Church Description Form" from the church office or in the Narthex.
  3. Complete all the information, which includes: commitment to the Mission, Vision, Values of the congregation; designation of leaders and participants; a purpose for the ministry, and identification with one of the Ministry Teams at Lord of Life Church for accountability and cooperative ministry.
  4. After determining which Team you will relate to, schedule a time to meet with one or both of the co-Leaders of that Team. This will be the Team and Leaders you will relate to at Lord of Life Church. They will submit your budget, vision with you, coordinate your ministry with other ministries on this Team, and generally assist you in leading your ministry.
  5. Both the Ministry Leader and a Team Leader sign the "Description" and return it the church office.

Once this process is completed you are entitled to the privileges reserved for Ministries of the Congregation and are expected to hold the responsibilities common to all ministries and ministry Leaders of the congregation.

Ministry Team Purpose Statements

Experience Team: Provide as many people as possible an experience of God’s grace through weekly worship and welcome.

Grow Team: To help grow a member’s faith into discipleship of Christ through Bible study, small groups and learning opportunities.

Connect Team: To encourage people as they discover and use their spiritual gifts, abilities, passions and experiences to glorify our God.

Mission Team: To encourage, equip and engage as many members as possible to reach out to others with the love of God in Jesus Christ.

Administrate Team: To steward the resources God has given Lord of Life Church as we cultivate an environment conducive to faithful ministry and spiritual growth.

FAQ Topics Experience God

Is your church part of the Reconciling in Christ (RIC) program?

Yes.  Lord of Life has been a Reconciling in Christ congregation since 2002.

Is there a nursery?

Yes. Some parents chose to have their younger children attend worship with them, while for others, wrestling with one or two youngsters makes it difficult for them to participate. Those wishing to make use of our nursery need only to ask one of our ushers at the back of the church and the usher will direct you to the nursery room filled with toys and the usher will also introduce you to the member(s) staffing the nursery that morning.  All personnel who work with children have passed background checks.

How long are the worship services?

On average, they last one hour, give or take ten minutes.  Learn about our worship times and styles here.

Does your church really welcome all people?

Yes! Our mission is to reach people with the love of Jesus Christ. All people, regardless of age, race, socioeconomic situation, gender identity, sexual orientation, marriage/partnership status, or cultural background are welcome at Lord of Life. As a Lutheran church, we want to extend a non-judgmental hand of grace and peace to you. We believe all people are genuinely and entirely loved children of God. We are also a Reconciling in Christ congregation. As such we are intentional about welcoming lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender persons.

Can I worship anonymously?

Yes. You will not be asked to publicly introduce yourself, stand up, or anything of that nature. You will, however, be greeted warmly by fellow worshippers eager to welcome you as a visitor to our congregation.

Are the sermons long and boring?

No! Our pastors work very hard at delivering relevant, yet creative messages that are both illuminating and challenging. Our members regularly leave with a word of God's grace to nurture them in their discipleship journey throughout the week.

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