What's With the Pinwheel?

...It's About Discipleship


Experience God

The journey of discipleship always begins with an experience of God’s grace in Jesus Christ. God’s grace is everywhere, falling like rain upon all people. We are more or less conscious of this grace as we go through life. We gather in worship each week to offer God our praise, and to experience God anew through the Word and Sacraments, as well as the hospitality of the community. Are you regularly experiencing the awe and unconditional acceptance of God’s grace?


For our relationship with God to grow we must be intentional in the use of prayer, scripture and community. Nothing will help you grow closer to God, faster and deeper, than gathering regularly with others to pray, read scripture and talk about your spiritual journey. The mutual accountability that is found in LIFE Groups, ministry teams, care and discussion groups accelerate spiritual growth. Are you growing in your discipleship with Christ?


There is no one else exactly like you! God uniquely gifted you to be a part of God's “Shalom.” As you discover your unique spiritual gifts, as well as how your unique gifts might be used to God’s glory, you will experience deeper contentment and be empowered to live fully as Jesus’ disciple. Have you discovered your spiritual gifts?


Everything has been leading you to the point of “taking up your cross and following Jesus” by offering your life for others as his witness. It’s done one act at a time, with words and deeds of kindness and love. Everything else is training, preparation. The world knows we are Jesus’ disciples by our love. Where are you serving God and others?

Pinwheel +

We think that all the "pinwheel" ministries are great ways to move toward becoming better disciples of Jesus. But we took a look around our congregation and came to the conclusion that more was needed in order to encourage and support each other, our lay ministry leaders, and the administrative operations of Lord of Life.

Care & Prayer

Equipping teams to facilitate care and prayer within the congregation.

Leadership Support

Supporting and encouraging leaders for healthy ministry in and through this congregation.


Stewarding the resources God has given Lord of Life Church as we cultivate an environment conducive to faithful ministry and spiritual growth.


ONEbody provides a safe and supportive environment for the teens of our congregation to learn and grow. Making ONEbody successful involves many adults in the congregation sharing their gifts of leadership.

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