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What is expected of a member at Lord of Life Church?

We expect members to be constantly maturing as disciples and reaching out with the love of Christ.  This expectation is summarized in a helpful formula (Worship + 2 + Tithe = Discipleship) which means that in order to have an effective witness, we should worship weekly, gather to grow, serve, and tithe.

I'd like to suggest something to our Church Council

Contact the Congregational President concerning any item you wish to have presented to the Council.  You may email the church office and it will be forwarded to the President.  Of course, you may contact any council member to forward your suggestion.

I'd like to ask the congregation to financially support a ministry or cause. What do I do?

Contact the Congregational Council for approval.  All fundraising requests are to be approved by the Congregational Council, which can be accessed by contacting the Congregational President or Pastor.  Our mailboxes, print materials, and facilities are not to be used for fundraising without approval of the Congregational Council.  Exceptions to this policy are ongoing funds established by the Council, or those done by the ELCA denominational partners (i.e., Lutheran Social Services, Lutherans Concerned, Lutheran World Relief, etc.).  Contact the church office for more information.

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