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What educational opportunities are there for me?

There are several educational and discipleship programs for adults. On Sunday mornings, Sept-May, various Adult educational courses (LIFE Classes) take place, generally lasting for 3 weeks. In the summer, there is one class for adults that takes current events from the newspaper and relates them to the Bible readings for the week.There is also a Sunday morning Augsburg Bible Study which takes place year-round. Youth ages 3 - grade 12 will also find Bible based classes September - May (LIFE Passages and One Body). You are invited to go deeper in a small group (LIFE Group) where ongoing educational topics are discussed and deeper relationships are formed. Also, consider broadening your horizons by getting involved in the ministries of the church. Being around other Christians during the week will help you in your discipleship journey. Take a look at the LIFE at Lord of Life section to learn more about what's going on.

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How do I decide how much I should give?

In general, biblical tithing refers to the practice of giving one tenth of one's income for the work of God. In the Hebrew Bible, tithing was understood as a response of gratitude and an obligation. In the light of the New Testament, some Christians believe tithing is still an obligation, whereas other Christians understand tithing to be a loving, freely chosen response to God's gracious provisions for life - God's grace! Tithing is understood by many Christians to be a very helpful discipline in one's faith life.

Are there educational opportunities for my children?

Yes. Our LIFE Passages program provides Sunday morning religious education for grades K-6. Students in grades 6-8 participate in Affirmation of Baptism classes (otherwise known as Confirmation). High schoolers have an educational and fellowship group, ONEbody

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