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My group or family would like to use the church facilities, but I/we are not a Rostered Ministry of Lord of Life Church, our Synod, or the ELCA. Can do I do that?

Yes, but you will need to complete a “building use request form” two weeks in advance of the event.  You can download find the form on our Calendar page.

I'd like to use the church facilities for a ministry event. How do I do that?

Rostered Ministry Leaders may schedule events on the church master calendar by following the instructions posted with the calendar
or by contacting the Parish Secretary.  See the Calendar page for listings and to download the Facilities Use Guide.

I'd like to report a problem about our facilities

Please call the church office and report the problem to Joe Mazzola or Bill Roberts, interim leaders of the facility team at Lord of Life Church.

I'd like to put something in the bulletin

Items for the weekly bulletin may be submitted by contacting the Parish Secretary via email, phone, or by placing items in her office mailbox (please include your name and phone number when submitting an article).

I'd like to meet with one of our Team Staff at Lord of Life. How do I do that?

Please see our People section.

How do I submit something for reimbursement?

Complete a reimbursement request form located in a folder in the bottom mailbox under Administration in the church office. Include all relevant info and accounting expense line, whenever possible. Attach receipt and put in the bookkeeper's mailbox in the office. Contact the Church Office if you have additional questions.  You will be put in contact with the congregational Treasurer.

How do I get answers about my recent giving statement? Who do I talk with?

Contact Bookkeeper Karen Hilbert for information about your giving statement.

How do I get a Background Check done?

Contact the church office for assistance.

Can I put something on the Lord of Life website?

Often yes.  Items for the website must pertain to a Rostered Ministry of Lord of Life Church, the Synod, or the ELCA.  Contact the Church Office for more information.

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